El Paso

From sunny skies to unbeatable value, with plenty to do and a rich history to explore, El Paso is an amazing destination for event organizers, site selection committees, and fans and participants alike!


El Paso is located at the corner of Texas, New Mexico and Mexico. With our sister city of Juarez, just across the border, our area makes up the world’s largest international metroplex. Our culture is a blend of cowboys, conquistadors, Latinos and Native Americans. You will find tacos and hamburgers, two-stepping and hip-hopping, as well as Spanish, English, and our own special mezcla (mixture) of the two, commonly known as Spanglish. 

El Paso is rated as one of the safest large cities in the United States. People are friendly in the Sun City and always welcome visitors, offer directions or suggest some great places to eat incredible Mexican food. El Paso is easy to navigate and local area attractions are easy to find in the two-country, three-state diamond in the desert.

 El Paso is known worldwide as the Mexican Food Capital of the World and we have the restaurants to prove it. For not much dinero (money),you can enjoy a taco plate with all the fixings, extra-large burritos, the juiciest steaks in Texas, and a wide variety of other ethnic gastronomical delights. 


El Paso prides itself on being a place where fun meets affordability and it doesn’t cost a small fortune to enjoy a nice vacation. The Sun City is a sports tourism destination the whole family can come along and enjoy, thanks to affordable accommodations, meals and transportation.

Area hotels are first-rate, inexpensive establishments. A wide variety of chain restaurants and businesses are throughout the city as well as enjoyable local unique restaurants, hotels and shopping centers.

And, the gasoline prices are some of the lowest in the United States, and if the need arises for a rental car, many friendly car rental companies are available to help with an affordable, comfortable vehicle to drive down the road to New Mexico, Mexico and the mountains, just minutes away.


Yes, it’s true: El Paso has more 300 sunny days a year.

El Paso boasts mild temperatures most of the year, and the sun is rarely scorching. Humidity is very low in El Paso, so you will hear many talk about the “dry heat,” which allows locals and visitors to spend much time outdoors, taking part in sporting activities. Rain is rare in these desert parts, but after a good storm, the desert celebrates by presenting beautiful plants and flowers in magnificent greens, yellows and reds that complement the clear, ice-blue sky. And, when the sun leaves for the day, El Paso sunsets are unparalleled in beauty and color.

Sunny days are simply part of our way of life and yet are never taken for granted. Where else can you ski atop a chilly 11,500-foot peak one day and golf on a sunny green course the next? Within two hours of El Paso, some of the best skiing takes place in the beautiful Sacramento Mountains of Southern New Mexico. As well, El Paso is home to an abundance of outstanding public and private golf courses, just ask El Paso pro golfers Lee Trevino and Kristi Albers. Golfing is a year-round pursuit in El Paso and skiing is enjoyed up to six months out of each year. So, bring clubs and skis. 

El Paso is an experience that will never be forgotten!


The park is the largest public-use recreational park in El Paso County. It is dedicated to sports, picnicking, fishing and other recreational activities, as well as shows and events. Spanning more than 400 acres, Ascarate Park features Ascarate Lake that offers fishing, canoeing and paddleboating; an Olympic-sized pool; basketball and tennis courts; a walking trail and an 18-hole golf course, with an additional 9-hole practice course. Ascarate Park is perfect for summer concerts and festivals.

Ascarate Golf

The theater stands as one of the city’s oldest and most well-known landmarks since 1930, and remains operational today, showing various Broadway productions, musical concerts and individual performers. It is also home to the El Paso Community foundation’s yearly Plaza Classic Film Festival, which shows more than 100 films and features special guest actors and actresses.

Known as the best view of El Paso accessible by car, Scenic Drive wows visitors every time. The winding road skirts around the east side of the mountains, offering up some of the most stunning views of the city.

Founded in 1959, the museum sits in the heart of Downtown El Paso and is a major cultural and educational resource for West Texas, New Mexico and Mexico. It is the only accredited art museum within a 250-mile radius and serves approximately 100,000 visitors per year. It also hosts a variety of events, weddings, meetings and receptions.

The zoo, which sits on 35 acres of fun and adventure in the middle of Central El Paso, is an expansive green space that is home to exotic animals from around the world and features family attractions, such as the African Star Train, the Hunt Family Desert Spring water feature and the Foster Tree House Playground. The El Paso Zoo celebrates the value of animals and natural resources and creates opportunities for people to rediscover their connection to nature.

The aerial cable car ride is situated on almost 196 acres of the Franklin Mountains State Park. Visitors arrive at a parking area that sits at an elevation of 4,692 feet. Once on the sky gondolas, riders head to the top of Ranger Peak at 5,632 feet above sea level. Visitors enjoy the view of 7,000 square miles, encompassing three states and two countries. The view is magnificent, highlighting the beauty of the desert mountains and its wildlife.

The United States Army post, established in 1948, is headquartered in El Paso. It was named in honor of Lt. Col. William Bliss, a mathematical genius, who was the son-in-law of President Zachary Taylor. The post has an area of about 1,7000 square miles and is the Army’s second-largest installation, behind the adjacent White Sands Missile Range. It includes Biggs Army Airfield.

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